A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Star Opera: Desolate Frontiers requires two players to be sharing a keyboard for the most optimal co-op gameplay experience.


'Millennia into the future, time has ravaged all but a few dwindling outposts of sentient life. Will these fragments survive? And who will be their masters?'

Star Opera: Desolate Frontiers is a turn-based competitive fighting game for two players made in 48 hours for The Time Jam.

To fit the theme of time, we wanted to experiment with the usual formula of fighting games and turn-based strategy games to create a unique synthesis. We also wanted to create something that emulated the feel of drama within the duels of Star Wars.

For some players the game may seem a little complex at first, but once you master its basic mechanics it becomes both easy to play and with more layers of strategic depth than we had initially hoped for! We hope you enjoy playing our game. Please leave any feedback in the comments.

NB. Only two characters and one stage are actually available in this version of the game.

Install instructions

Simply Download, Extract the folder according to your platform (PC or MAC) and Launch the .exe or .dmg file according to your platform.


StarOpera.rar 95 MB